Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We have reached the end of the Summer term, and what a busy term it has been. We have been busy creating Year Six show artwork, Beijing Show artwork and many other fantastic projects over the past eight weeks that we have enjoyed showcasing on our Kellett Art Studio page. 

We say a big farewell to our inspirational older artists in Year Six who have made so many exciting projects that have enthused many of a younger artists over the year. We also send many good wishes to all our other Kellett artists who are leaving us to carry on their creative journey elsewhere! 

If you have a chance this Summer keep your artistic skills up to scratch with a sketchbook so you can fill it with ideas and drawings. We will put your most thoughtful and creative work on the blog at the beginning of next term. 

Here is a list of ideas for you to work through!

We look forward to seeing you all next term!

May has been a very creative month. Here is what we have been working on:
Working on all the elements of Art in Year one with painted and clay butterflies. We made beautiful watercolour seascapes in Year two and mixed media pieces in the style of Hundertwasser in Year three. In Year four we are creating garden dioramas for a very exciting project, and in Year five we made beautiful watercolour junks. And several of our Chuck Close paintings are finished! Take a look at the class pages for more details. 

It's time to see what we got up to this April in the Art Studios…

In Year one we built relief pirate ships on gorgeous textured backgrounds. In Year two we have learned to sculpt with paper and mod roc and have created our own islands. In Year 3 we have sculpted with clay and Year four are learning to render human form. Year five are getting ready for their Beijing evening with these fabulous mixed-media canvases and Year six are painting in acrylic on canvas in the style of Chuck Close.

Let's take a look at our March art projects…
Learning how to paint a wash and create silhouettes in Year 1, loving the art of Georgia O'Keeffe in Year 2 and creating beautiful flowers in different media, Building amazing sculpture in Year 3 and painting them in the style of our favourite artists, Amazing clay shoes in Year 4, Chinese opera masks in Year 5 and Grid drawing in the style of Chuck Close in Year 6!

Have a look at the wonderful work that will be on sale for the silent Art Auction at the school fair. 

Each year group worked on a different printing theme in their art class with Sam Carle leading the way in helping us to make our own unique designs! 

The finished works are currently all being framed ready for the fair so make sure to put a bid in for one of the beautiful pieces of work....

Take a look at these snippets from the finished pieces...

Finally, the news you have all been waiting for - the results of the...

 For a full list of winners and runners up, don't forget to check the e-bulletin! 

It's time to take a look at the art work we were working on in February! Such a lot of learning going on, and it's lovely to see the elements of art being talked about through the school…

In Y1 we have learned to weave, following the beautiful palette of Gustav Klimt. In Y2 we have learned to "draw with scissors" in the same way Henri Matisse did. Y3 have looked at the work of several great artists and chosen their favourite to paint the sculptures we have made. In Y4 we are finishing beautiful clay shoes we've designed ourselves. Y5 are designing Chinese opera masks, and building faces from Mod roc. In Y6 we have finished our guitars and are ready to rock! 

We are already into February - Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Here is what we got up to in January…
Painting Chinese orange trees in Y1, printmaking in Y2, painting beautiful peacocks from colours we have mixed ourselves in Y3, working towards the school fair project in Y4, Chinese brush painting in Y5 and designing printing blocks based on Hong Kong's buildings in Y6. We'd also like to thank Samantha Carle and her gang of parent helpers who worked with the entire Prep school on a gorgeous printing project which will come to light for the school fair.

Welcome to 2014 in the Art Department. This year, across the school, we are looking forward to…
Creating cityscapes, weaving, using clay to create sculptures and reliefs, doing some photography, using stop motion animation, mixing, mixing and mixing colours, still life drawing, Chinese brush painting, landscapes and figure drawing, plus much more!

Wow! Later this term you can see if you can spot some of our featured artists. We will be looking at Klimt, Georgia O'Keeffe, Yue Minjun, Chuck Close…remember to stop by the blog and see who is appearing in which classes!

Don't forget to enter the

Here are the details:
 Preparatory students have until February 7th to get their entries in and it is such a great theme - Hong Kong Harbour. There is some gorgeous blue sky and lovely light around at this time of the year, so why not give it a try? It's so exciting to see the work around school afterwards, too. 
Click the link to get the full instructions.

Who can believe we have finished our first term? Let's take a look at what we were up to in December!

Creating creatures of the deep in Y1, making decorations for Christmas in Y2, Christmas tree sculptures with a little bit of texture in Y3, one point perspective in Y4, felting designs and joining textiles in Y5 and we finally finished our amazing totem poles in Y6! 

What were we up to in November?

Year 1 are creating magical sea creatures, Year 2 are sewing and working with textiles for Christmas. Year 3 have been learning to create form and draw from life. Year 4 have used safety equipment to make mosaics, after creating designs based on the Greek alphabet. Year 5 have learned to join textiles and are designing Christmas decorations and Year 6 have finally finished their totem poles! 

The T-shirt competition has been extended!
(On behalf of the Kellett  Parent  Fair Committee) 

Roll Up Roll Up  for  next  year  Kellett Fair  held on 22 March 2014:


 Deadline is now on Friday 13 December:

The Fair Committee would like to invite you to a day at the Circus - and we are opening the competition for the fair T-shirt logo for all students.

The fair committee with our Art department  will be choosing one winner from the Senior School and one from the Prep  School and they will go on the front and back of every T-shirt that will be given to the every student in Kellett School. 

So  what do you need to do to enter this amazing competition - please submit your designs to the  Art department in each campus by the 6th of December - the design  needs to be just black on white incorporating the circus theme with  our Kellett fun.  The designs will be judged and the winners will  be announced before the end of term.

What we were up to in October...

Painting like Jasper Johns in Y1,like Kandinsky in Y2, Learning to draw and paint 3D objects in Y3, mosaics in Y4, reworking the Mona Lisa in Y5 and designing Christmas wrapping paper in Y6! 

What's new this week...?

Let's take a look at sewing club! 

Sewing club is for people to decorate their aprons. If you still (after a whole half term's being asked!) haven't got your name on your art apron, Ms. Spizzirri will help you to sew it on at break times in the Kowloon Bay Studio. Congratulations to Sam, our first success story, looking very proud!  Francesca will be in sewing club for slightly longer, since she has the most letters in her name! Ronan swiftly recognised the benefits of being the fastest needle in town and managed to sew his entire name in one break time. Well done, Ronan! 

What we were up to in September...

Miss Colquhoun and Mrs Spizzirri always love to see your imaginative creations and hear what you think about your work, and the work of other artists.

Find your year group's page or take a look at other year groups work from both the Pok Fu Lam campus and Kowloon Bay. 

 This is where Ms. Colquhoun and Ms. Spizzirri will be sharing ideas, information, fun things to do and, of course, lots of the wonderful work we are producing in Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay. 

We love to hear from you all so please send us your pictures from artwork you do at home and we will happily share it here on the gallery page. 

Email us!