This is the place to come and see what the Kellett artists get up to outside the Studio. Some of this is work from home, some may be done in free time in school, some from sketch book extra time. Why not send in your masterpieces? We love to have a look at what students get up to outside school. Email or with your work and tell us a little bit about it! 

Harry Maddren in 4MR painted this beautiful beach scene which makes us feel like taking a holiday!

Here is William Stubbings' scary dragon. Look at the details in the claws! 

Serena Hudson in 3RB at Pok Fu Lam has painted this fantastic picture of a horse. She has created really beautiful colour tones with her painted background and made excellent shaded detail within her horse. Thank you for sharing Serena!

Marcus Southward in 2LA at Pok Fu Lam has been busy at home making cut paper snowflakes and Easter chick sketches!! He must already be excited about the Easter bunny coming to visit!
 Thank you for sharing Marcus!

Cameron brought in this amazing dinosaur which he has decorated with decoupage - worth seeing from a few angles! Isn't it beautiful?

Seraya Boggis in 1AH has drawn and coloured this beautiful Indian temple.

 Oliver Veitch in 3BN drew this still life of a plant. 

 This is Nathan Veitch's 1 point perspective sketch.

 Emilie Lawrence from 4MR has used what we learned in class from creating mosaics to make this gorgeous Matisse-style collage.
Gabrielle from 5BF painted this beautiful picture in watercolours. It is called "The Little Mermaid."

This piece of one point perspective was based on the work we did in term one with Year four. The artist really did well with the decrease in size as things get towards the vanishing point. Great work! 

 Ella Moe, a year 3 student at Kowloon Bay,  has done a super job with this still life, following the work we did in class on looking for shadows.

 I love Liv from 6SB's one point perspective work. She has got some lovely changing value with the yellow and I like the complementary colours.
This is a piece of work from Oliver Veitch in 3BN. He has created a sculpture from his sketch. We were able to use this to show different ways to render form and also to look at cast shadows. Thank you, Oliver! 

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