Elements of Art

In all classes we have been talking about the Elements of Art. We will use this page to demonstrate different things we do in class which teach us more about the elements. 

Here is a very quick video explaining the elements. We are aiming to learn in all levels to explain our art work in these terms.

Click here to go to the elements of art video

Lots of people ask us how to draw - and we have come across this super website with fun drawing ideas - why not have a look?

In Year 5 and Year 3 lately we have been looking at sculpture and the students have been discovering that it just isn't as easy as it looks manipulating form! Perhaps you will be inspired by this beautiful piece of installation art by Hilden & Diaz. I love the way that it also creates art in the space it hangs in. 

It was great to find the work of sculptor Randall Rosenthal this week. Three year groups are working on different ways to create form.  We are making little tree sculptures with clay and wire in Year 5, personality tiles in Year 2 and modelling shoes in clay in Year 4. 
 Now, this may not look like a block of wood, but it really, truly is! How about this messy folder?
Again, a block of wood! To look at pictures of how he works, click here:
wood carving process

And to check out Rosenthal's website with more amazing carving work then look here

Randall Rosenthal

Take a look at this amazing video showing another artist, Kyle Lambert, creating form. If you think this picture below, of actor Morgan Freeman, is a photograph you would be wrong! And even more incredibly, Lambert "painted" this on his iPad. Click on the picture to read about it and see the video of how it was done, from start to finish. 

Year 3 have been working hard on creating form - changing lines into shapes and shapes into 3D. We came across this brilliant video which shows an artist creating form - in the shape of a crisp packet! It is amaaaaaazing...

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