Year 1

 We are very excited about our current Year one work. We have created a butterfly project to showcase the Elements of Art and also to use our exciting new technology in the studio - our new set of iPads! 

We all started by doing a beautiful painting. We looked at butterflies and dragonflies and painted a large picture. We tried to show 5 elements in our painting:

When we finished painting, in our next class, we photographed the art work on the iPads and loaded them into an app called Type Drawing. The app lets us type words and draw with them on our paintings. We showed that we could see the elements in our pictures and wrote the words over them in different colours. Our teachers are sure that in Year two next year we will be amazing at using our art vocabulary to talk about our masterpieces! 

Here are some i pad artists work from the Pok Fu lam Campus. Well done 1KH

Then it was time for the last Elements of Art - 

These can be the trickiest to show in a 2D piece, like a painting, so we decided to show them in clay. We made beautiful butterflies in 3D and used the clay tools to create texture with both relief and imprinting techniques. They are being glazed and fired next week! 

If you are interested in the Elements of Art, don't forget to click on the page on our blog! 

We'd like to thank the Year Six students who helped us out in the studio for this project. You can see them in the pictures. And by the way, pictures for the clay work were taken by Clancy from 6FS! 

We have completed our work inspired by Gustav Klimt at Kowloon Bay. The weaving took hues from his colour palette and we looked at many of his paintings to find the earthy and metallic shades we chose. When we finished we looked at his "Tree of life" and used similar shades and swirly patterns to make our own. They look beautiful all hanging round the atrium - come and see! 

This week in the art studio's year one have been making prints using objects from home and things found in school. We had fun learning about the different marks you can make and revising our colour wheel knowledge. Wait and see what we turn the paper into next week.....

We have been studying Gustav Klimt and have looked at his gorgeous patterns and lines that he creates in his paintings.

We experimented with our own swirling, whirling lines and made different shapes and patterns using cut out paper and sequins.

Take a look at a few of our trees that we have made this week.

Look at our finished weaving! We are so proud of them!


Year one have been busy weaving in the colour palette of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

  We looked at his gorgeous gold paintings and thought about what colours he might use if he were to make fabric of his own. We chose golds, reds and yellows to begin our weaving process and learnt about how fabric is woven together. 

We created our own frames for the Warp thread and threaded under, over, under, over under over with our weft pieces of fabric. 

We are so pleased with the results and we now really love to weave!! 

Take a look at us in practice!

We are learning a few skills this week while we look at traditional Chinese New Year orange trees. We have been looking at using highlights and shades of colour to create form, we tried some simple embossing and we collaged it all together to make these gorgeous pictures! 

We have busy at both studios making artwork to support our year group Christmas shows. Year one have made birds and snowflakes, whilst year two were busy making stockings and lanterns, amongst other things. 
We enjoyed working on our painting and collage skills. 

Well done, to all the children involved in the shows -  we can't wait to see them!

Y1 have been learning about relief and imprinting as well as using templates this month in the art studio. There are beautiful clay fish which have been painted in beautiful colours and they are just waiting for an aquarium now!

Some of the Pok Fu Lam fish before they went into the kiln to cook!

And here they are cooked!! We loved our bright colours and patterns!!

Can you guess which sea creatures we are busy working on for our next project? Our skills are choosing colour, painting, collage and creating form.

Hooray for 1CP! The first class to remember ALL their aprons for class - and so many of them with names on the front, too. 1CP are class of the week. HOORAY! 

In Year One we have been busy looking at the work of Jasper Johns, an American Artist. 
He liked to paint letters and numbers. He painted in layers which created interesting effects. 

We tried it out! We also used letters - some of us did our name, some of us did our initials. 

Some finished work from the Pok Fu Lam Studio:

And from the Kowloon Bay artists!

As you can see, even on the same idea, we have worked in very different styles. Why don't you try and work in the other Studio's style in your sketch book? If you do, and you want to share, please bring it to school and we will put it on the blog in the gallery! 

Year One have been busy looking in mirrors for the last two weeks! We are learning to look for shapes in our features and use them to represent our faces. We have used art pencils and pastels to complete our work, looking for colour and tones. 
 Pictures of our work will be coming soon. 

Meet WALT! 
Walt is an alien who visits Years 1 and 2 to help them along the path to understand more about their learning. 

He always matches our work theme and he is always visible in the classroom to help us to stay on task. Keep an eye out for him over the year, as he will be included in blog posts, too! 

Here are a few of our finished portraits. Can you guess who they are?! 

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