Year 2

In year two we have been studying the Impressionist artist Claude Monet. We looked at his beautiful water lily paintings and created our own 3D flowers with painted backgrounds. We really enjoyed the project and are so proud of our results. 

Take a look at us in action at the Pok Fu Lam campus.

Year Two have been studying the work of American artist Georgia O'Keeffe. She painted beautiful close ups of nature. We studied gradients and blending to create these gorgeous close ups of our own...
 In Kowloon Bay we have started investigating texture, one of the elements of art. Click here to learn a little bit more about the elements... We learned about the importance of texture in making our artwork look more realistic and how interesting it is to look for it all around us. We took a texture walk, with cameras, to Kowloon Bay Park where we looked for texture in the floor, plants, on the play equipment, even on each other! Then all our photos were printed out so that we could work from them. We are trying to continue texture swatches on these big letters, using watercolour pencils. Can you guess what the word will say once we finish all the letters?! 

We have been looking at the work of Georgia O' Keefe and how she painted objects from the natural world. We looked at how her paintings are zoomed in to make things appear huge! We really enjoyed working with chalk pastels to create our own flowers and we thought about hot and cold colours to create blends within the flower. Take a look a 2LA in progress!

As part of Year Two's healthy eating topic we have looked at the artist Henri Matisse. He is famous for using scissors like a pencil to create beautiful shapes out of paper. We are concentrating on creating Matisse style pictures to make our own Fruit and Veg inspired picture. We really enjoyed watching Henri Matisse at work in his studio, look at the video below and see for yourself.

 We have been lucky this week in Kowloon Bay, and last week in Pok Fu Lam, to have the lovely Mrs. Carle working with every class in school on an enormous collaborative project which will eventually raise money for the school. It has been based on printing, collage and Chinese painting and the children have got so much out of working with other adults in the art studios. We have a sneak preview here, but you must catch up with the committee at the school fair to see the finished product! 

'Tis the season, in the Art Studio! We are getting ready for our Christmas productions now and that means decorating the hall for the shows and learning new skills. This year we are focussed on a very collage-style Christmas, using sewing skills. We are learning different techniques for joining, different stitches and trying very hard to thread needles and tie knots. We have lots of visitors from the Year 2 mums in helping us, too! 

And in Pok Fu Lam we have also been busy sewing…sewing...sewing!!! 

We are so pleased with how they turned out; our Christmas backdrop looks so beautiful!

In Year 2 we have been learning about shape and collage. 
We have created self-portraits using fabric, paper and other materials. 

We looked at the work of some famous artists for inspiration, and then we looked carefully at our own features before choosing materials and getting started. Here are some details of our first week's work:

 Then we had a chance to reflect and continue our work. We looked for shading on our faces, because we are beginning to think about form. Here are some pictures of students working in the Kowloon Bay Studio!

 We finished the study with a portrait with our portrait! 


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  2. These look fantastic! Well done to the children in Year 2 at Kowloon Bay. I will show the Pokfulam year two's your great work!
    Miss Colquhoun

    1. Thanks Miss Colquhoun! We are really looking forward to seeing yours too.


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