Year 3

Our clay owls are glazed and fired and absolutely beautiful! Come and visit them in the atrium at Kowloon Bay before they fly away home…

It was time for Y3 to refresh their clay skills and we decided to design and make these gorgeous clay owls. 
We rolled slabs, using guides and carefully folded them into position for wings and the head. We  used our best joining techniques to add detail as well as engraving and waited a week for them to leather before adding a glaze.

Year Three have put their collage skills to good use, creating these Hong Kong backgrounds. We used tissue and newspaper to create a blank version of Hong Kong, then we made several polystyrene print blocks to represent the buildings and transport of our city. We made a few of our own and then shared the print blocks with friends to create our busy and diverse home.  Can you spot… the star ferry… the space museum… the taxis… Central Plaza… Jardine's House?! 

 Later, some students got to try some more collage materials and inking techniques to produce these gorgeous flamingoes.
At the Pok Fu Lam studio we really enjoyed painting our backgrounds for our Hong Kong Transport topic,  and we used oil pastels to create texture. We later printed on top of it and added our printed styrofoam design to add relief to our work. 

Here are a few examples!

Year 3 are learning to mix as many different colours as possible and are using their colours to make these beautiful rainbow peacocks. Here are both classes in action:

As well as mixing different colours they are learning different ways to change the VALUE of a colour:
Add black
Add white
Add water
At Pok Fu Lam we have been learning about texture and colour as well as colour blending using oil pastels and paints for our tail feathers. We will later wash over with coloured inks, keep looking at this page to see our finished results!

Here are some works in progress from 3AC and 3RM

We have been getting to the festive spirit making these paper tree sculptures using card, paper and pegs. It has taken us a couple of weeks to finish, but they were worth the wait. 
It was fun trying to make the trees out of as many different shapes we could think of. 

What do you think? Can you think of any other shapes we could have used?

Here are some trees from the Kowloon Bay Studio…

We turned our drawings of basic shapes into still life pictures. We thought about hot and cold colours to add shadows and tones to our work, creating the feeling of 3D shape further.  

Take a look at some of our work at the Pok Fu Lam studio.....

In Year 3 we are learning how to shade to create form. Form is a the artistic term for a 3D shape. We started by looking at balls with torches to see where light falls and which parts are in shadow, and then we practiced shading gradients from light to dark in our sketch books. 

The next step was to create something using our new knowledge. We worked on an outer space theme! Here are some finished pieces from both studios. Next step is to transfer our new skills in creating form to draw & paint still life. 

"When I look at Picasso's paintings, it makes me think that he isn't painting people's faces, he is painting their feelings." - Hana, 3AW

In Year 3 we have taken inspiration from the one and only Pablo Picasso. We looked at some of his "realistic" portraits and his famous work from his cubist period. 

We decided that we would also like to think OUTSIDE THE BOX! (get it?!) We enjoyed planning how we would chop and change our faces and we worked with strong lines. Here we are, working away at Kowloon Bay:

Have you met Eddie the Easel yet? He is in the Year 3 and 4 classes to help keep us all on track with exactly what we are learning each day. We try to set a target for our next piece of work when we finish each piece. Here he is with our Picasso goals:

Here are a few finished paintings from the Pok Fu Lam Studio:

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