Year 4

We have had great fun making our own secret garden diorama models. We all brought in shoe boxes and designed and painted our garden onto the walls of the box. We later added plasticine to create our flora and fauna and even some wildlife! 

Watch this space for our stop motion films made on the i-pads that bring our gardens into bloom!

We have been learning about a major fire in Hong Kong that took place in 1953, destroying the Shek Kip Mei shanty town of immigrants from Mainland China that had fled to Hong Kong, leaving 53,000 people homeless. We really were interested at looking at pictures of what the shanty town might have looked like and we experimented with creating texture using tissue paper.  Experimenting with water colour pencils as a medium was a first for many of us and we were really proud with our finished results.

Take a look at some of our work below! 

At the Kowloon Bay studio, our sculpting work is complete! We are waiting for them to leather before we send them off for firing. 

Look at our finished designs from Pok Fu Lam -  we worked so hard on completing them and they look fantastic! Well done, year four! 


We have been busy designing, drawing and making shoes in year four as part of our investigation into 3D form. We have moved onto making our designs using clay and have used the slab technique to fit pieces of clay to make the sides and tops of the shoe. We scored and slipped our clay together to create strong joins and have enjoyed experimenting with all sorts of crazy ideas for shoe designs..ever heard of a fish flop?! Next up glazing....

We have been very lucky to have Mrs. Carle and Mrs. Adebiyi working with us on both campuses on a collaborative, large scale mixed media for the school fair fundraiser. Here are both classes from KLB in action! You will have to wait a while to see the finished product but it will be in all its finished glory at the school fair.

You can see us inking a ground layer and collaging, then practicing Chinese calligraphy for the top layer before we paint it. Once we had done our first one we were able to go onto larger designs. Stop by the school fair and have a look! 

In Y4 we have been looking at the Mosaics which tell us so much about Greek history. We used the Alphabet as a starting point and designed something to be created in real tiles, in the style of the Greeks. Our designs needed to be workable in the materials we were given, we worked with tile cutters - and safety equipment! Here they are in progress - we are almost ready to start grouting! 

And here are some creations from Pok Fu Lam!

Year four took their portraiture to another level. We looked at some famous portraits and  also at facial composition and structure. Students carefully sketched themselves with special attention to their features... and then went crazy!
We explored as many different lines as we could think of, extending the hairline in any ways we could. We used crayons and watercolours, with emphasis on blending the watercolours to create amazing shades and gradients. 

Here are some completed portraits from Kowloon Bay (well some are nearly completed!):

Here are some finished portraits from Pok Fu Lam:

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