Year 5

We have worked on our watercolour techniques in Year five, learning to use wet on wet techniques, blend gradients and mix on the paper. We looked at illustrations of old-style junks and drew and painted them with some line work added for interest.

A few finished opera masks…

And here are a few from the Pok Fu Lam studio. They looked fantast at the Beijing Show!
Well done Year Five!

We have as part of our investigation into Chinese art looked at how to draw a traditional Chinese junk boat. We drew our boats from observation and used a variety of watercolour techniques to create atmospheric effects. We also added reflections in the water to add to the overall finish. Take a look at some from the Pok Fu Lam campus below. 

Taking a break from Chinese Brush painting 5BF made beautiful tiny sculptures from 
different types of modelling clay, air drying clay and wire. 

We are working towards a special piece for our Beijing evening later this year. We have been learning about the significance of different colours in the Chinese Opera and looking at designs for make up and masks. We are designing our own masks and creating facial moulds with mod-roc to add into a beautiful mixed media piece. Next step is to work the special plaster over the facial mould and add in relief detail before they are ready to be painted. Watch this space! 

Year Five are preparing for their Beijing visit by learning about culture and Chinese activities and we are starting with Chinese brush painting. It's a whole new learning curve with a completely different brush hold, learning strengths of dilution to change the value of the ink, not getting the ink too wet or the rice paper tears!  Here we are in 5VA on some of our first attempts.
At Pok Fu Lam we have been working on bamboo and cherry blossom painting in preparation for layering the background for Chinese mask canvases.
Watch this space to see how we get on after Chinese New Year!

Year Five have been busy enhancing their sewing skills, making these festive tree decorations. We have been learning about the properties of different textiles and different ways to join them. We have learned running stitch, overstitch and blanket stitch.

We are nearly finished at the Pok Fu Lam campus and I have heard great things that Kowloon Bay are nearly finished with their designs.

 We look forward to seeing their creations very soon....

Year 5 students from both Kellett art studios proudly present…
This year's Christmas Cards! 
They are sold via Kellett Cares, there are 5 designs - one for each class - and the theme this year is Christmas Birds!
See if you can work out which are the…
French Hens
Calling Birds
or Robins

Christmas Cards will be available for purchase soon. Watch this space! 

In Year 5 we have been looking at the most famous and valuable painting in the world. We took a look at some funny re-imaginings by other artists and children around the world. Our assignment was to modernise Mona! We looked at the original attributes of the painting, such as clues which told us about Mona and replicated them in our work. We had to have a background, too. Here is a sneak peak, from both studios of work in progress!

Some finished Modern day Mona's from Pok Fu Lam!

Our inspiration for these works of art is Wassily Kandinsky. He was a Russian abstract artist, one of the first abstract painters, in fact. He was said to have incredible senses which smelled light and heard colours.  

We started our lesson by watching this gorgeous video about a little girl who begins as a reluctant artist.  Vashti learns that great art comes from tiny things. Then we started our own art from a tiny dot, listening to peaceful music and planning our colours in tonal ranges. We showed our blending skills and tried to create gradients from shade to shade and light to dark. 

In Year 5 and 6 Walt has grown up a little! We have space in our reflection pages now to talk a little more about our work.

Here are the students at Kowloon Bay working on their pieces:

If you are amazingly observant, you will have noticed that our current blog background is one of the finished Kandinsky pieces! Congratulations to Sophia Lowe of 5-SS who has been selected as our first background artist. 

Take a look at the gallery of finished pieces from Pok Fu Lam:

And a few of the first finished paintings from the Kowloon Bay Studio:

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