Year 6

 We have started by creating our own replica grids. Working off our own photographs we have learned to make larger portraits on canvas. We are about to start painting...

At the Pok Fu Lam campus we have almost completed our hair and the background of our self-portraits. 
We cant wait to see them all completed. 
It has been a challenge but very rewarding, with some incredible results!
Watch this space for the finished results!

This year six project is well underway and a few are even finished! This links with the class unit on Guitar Hero. We have covered design and planning, as well as a range of painting and sticking techniques and styles. It's been such an exciting project! 

Take a look below at our video!



Here are a few from the Pok Fu Lam studio!

It's the first week for the year sixes to bring their designs to the art studio. They have been working on the their guitar hero unit and have designed their own guitars in the class room.  We've blocked out our guitar designs on heavy card, and painted a base coat to make them ready for the heavy design work and painting next week. What a great start! Here are 6SB in action:
Year Six at Pok Fu Lam are nearly finished with their guitars, we are in the last stages of painting. Have a look below to see them in progress!

In Year Six we have recently studied the poem 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost. We read the poem and conjured up an idea of colours and an environment that the poem hinted at. 

Using watercolour paints we experimented with mixing colours using different painting techniques. 

We tried wet on wet colour blending as well as dry brushing for texture and tone. 
The finished results were fantastic and the childrens pictures are very apt for the cold snap that Hong Kong seems to be currently in. We are just waiting for the snow.....

Here are some of 6LB and 6LC's work from Pok Fu Lam.

 This week we have been lucky to welcome Mrs. Carle and Mrs. Adebiyi who have been making print blocks with the year sixes (and other classes) to create tiny pieces of art. These will be brought together in a collaborative piece to be sold at the school fair. It's been exciting to see all the work coming together and we really are grateful for the huge amount of time and effort from these parents who have given up their time for the school. THANK YOU! 


6FS's guitars are on hold this week as they prepare for their assembly next week. Can you guess what they are painting?

And here are some of the finished Totem Poles from the Pok Fu Lam studio! 
They look superb all proudly stood together guarding the 2nd floor! They were certainly a challenge to complete with many different artistic components to tackle ,but they are certainly well worth the wait. Well done for persevering Year 6! 

Some final totem poles from Kowloon Bay…
What a huge journey it's been, and a steep learning curve. Different sculpture skills, including clay and paper building, learning joining skills, sketch and design work, research and planning, plus painting and decorating. Phew! 

Take a look at the final stages before painting starts:

Here are some of Year 6 in the making stage at Pok Fu Lam!

Year 6 are studying exploration and discovery and we have linked into that with a sculpture project on totem poles. We've started off looking at designs and we've seen a video of how carving is done. 

We began by planning our own designs. 
The criteria - it should include 3D sculpture and painting; it should represent you in some way and we should work in the way the stylised animals are depicted that we see on Totem Poles in North America.

So...onto designing! 
Starting work and learning about paper sculpture in the Kowloon Bay Studio:

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